Ever since our inception 7 decades ago, our pledge as a responsible organization has empowered us to create diverse values through engineering and manufacturing based on our corporate mission.

We have always run our business ethically and in compliance with the Law in Letter and Spirit. We have contributed to society through our vibrant corporate activities that embody our stance towards our customers, employees, and society at large.

Our framework for Ethical Business starts with a set of functional values that include:

  • Unyielding integrity in every aspect of business
  • Treating people everywhere fairly and with respect at the workplace
  • Demonstrating Ecological Sensitivity in thoughts as well as actions.

We firmly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is strongly connected with the principles of sustainability, and therefore as a corporate citizen, we undertake all essential measures to ensure environment protection and optimal utilization of resources.

We design and develop products by deploying environmentally-friendly technologies that balance economic needs with environmental well-being. We also aim at minimizing the impacts of our operations on the environment and make the most of available natural resources, while performing a large number of environment conservation activities.

To achieve our CSR objectives in a professional and integrated manner, we carry out the following activities:

  • Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition
  • Promoting preventive health care and sanitation
  • Making availability of safe drinking water
  • Promoting education, including special education and employment -enhancing vocational skills
  • Encouraging alternative and eco-friendly energy resources
  • Product innovation for quality, fuel economy, and safety
  • Protection of flora and fauna
  • Conservation of natural resources as well as maintenance of quality of soil, air and water