At AMP, the focus of all R&D activities is directed to one common aim – enhanced customer satisfaction.


Being a technology based company, it specializes in the development and manufacture of performance formulated products for controlling vibrations, shocks, noise etc.

NThe testing setup has the capabilities to test the raw material properties till the product performance life cycle. To ensure rubber compound mix quality, AMP has high resolution carbon dispersion analyzer besides other conventional test equipments.

AMP product validation lab is fully equipped with sophisticated testing equipments i.e. Zwick Roell’s high frequency (100 Hz) dynamic Testing Machine, Zwick Roell’s UTM (Universal Testing Machine), Bush endurance and Torsional & Performance characteristic testing machines.

Product Validation lab includes:

  • Dynamic Tests
  • Static Tests
  • Radial, Axial, Torsional Tests
  • Ozone Tests
  • Low Temperature Tests
  • Other Miscellaneous Tests